Anna Isabella Blog: A new peek into my art and more!

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Hello lovely people! I’m so excited to make this post announcing my new blog I’ve decided to start up, Anna Isabella Blog! Not only am I excited to start sharing more into the journey of becoming an artist, I’m excited to bring myself a little more out of my shell and open up to show you the human that creates the art.

With this new blog about to come to life I’m looking forward to bringing a variety of content I hope you find entertaining as well as informative! Subjects that I currently plan on focusing are just a few, art (of course!) and life stuff.


Art will of course be the main focus of this blog, I want to share in depth posts of processes and techniques I use to create my art. I also want to share what I find works best in the subject of tools, materials, mediums and whatever I learn along my art journey.

  • Step by step details of process for paintings

  • color mixing tutorials

  • art product reviews


    This category doesn’t have any solid plans in line right now, but I definitely plan on writing about life as an artist outside of the art: finances, wellness, style, even home things as I’m also looking to give other interests I have in life an outlet.

Please feel free to leave a comment suggesting some topics you would like to see, I would love to hear what to have in mind!

until next time!